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How to enable Future Model of DevSecOps

As cyber security threats continue to multiply,the challenge facing Enterprise Security and DevSecOps is how to reduce the possible attack surface even as businesses continue to rapidly deploy digital applications at a record pace. The most efficient model to achieve...

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Canary Deployment

In the present world, our lives have become completely dependent on technology. Day by day we see an increase in the number of industries that are switching to the online platform or scaling up. Therefore, with the increase in demand, it is important to provide the...

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How Product Teams can benefit from Story Points?

What are User Stories?  A user story is a form of software system requirement that has become quite popular in Agile Methodologies such as Scrum. Unlike more traditional methods the emphasis in these methodologies is simplicity and changeability. Therefore, user...

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DevOps Dashboards for Continuous Improvement

We live in a world where time to market and delivery timelines are only getting shorter for technology transformation initiatives. Enterprise or ISV, the expectations are the same. Add to it the following additional needs - Higher Software...

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Challenges in implementing microservices

Some of the key challenges with successful microservices implementations are monitoring, devops culture, fault-tolerance, integration testing, cyclic dependencies. Being prepared to handle these challenges effectively goes a long way in expediting and delivery high quality business applications.

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Choosing a Cloud Provider with Confidence for Cloud Managed Service

Choosing a cloud provider is not a trivial task. Some of the questions that pop up are – what are the cloud security challenges?, Which cloud provider is cheapest?, Which cloud provider is reliable?. This blog touches the key considerations and how you could go about making your decisions.

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Kaiburr is now an Advanced Tier AWS Technology Partner

Kaiburr is now an Advanced Tier Technology Partner of AWS. Kaiburr has the following SaaS services available on AWS (and other cloud providers) - Cloud Migration as a Service (Check this out) DevOps as a Service Cloud Operations as a Service Application Orchestration...

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Zero Script IT Operations

We are at a point in the software industry evolution where we have a million tools that are both open source and proprietary for various IT functions. There are plenty of tools be it for application development or operations. We have gone from the need for software tools to perform certain functions and sub-functions to the need to standardize, integrate and operate the large hoard of tools in cohesion.

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Cloud Migration as easy as 1-2-3

Most organizations have begun their cloud journey or in the process of coming up with their cloud strategy and roadmap. While realizing the value of cloud and getting the buy-in from various levels of the organization is a challenge, it only gets more difficult when it comes to implementing the cloud strategy. Compare it to the process of buying a house after deciding to do so.

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Continuous Integration (CI) Simplified

Are you facing delays in releasing new product features?

Is your project team spending too much time identifying and resolving bugs?

Have you ever had your tests pass on your machine, but fail on someone else’s?

Do your software projects run over budget?

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