Value Stream Management / Digital Insights

Most Digital and Product Initiatives fail today because of lack of Predictable Outcomes with the delivery process

To get predictable outcomes, today’s digital, product and engineering leaders need comprehensive insights on these seven focus areas

Only 5% of the teams in the Industry today have comprehensive KPIs through their value stream

Today’s approaches to such insights are effort intensive, incomplete and delayed

Kaiburr’s AI/ML based AllOps Platform enables actionable insights near real time


Most organizations today gather insights only on one or two of these functions, while Kaiburr provides KPIs, Insights, Best Practices and Policy Validations across all of them

AI/ML Insights

AI/ML Insights uses product team Agile lifecycle management data to predict trends and identify issues in real time

Kaiburr validates 600+ Best Practices and Controls on ALM, Agile, Cloud, DevSecOps, K8s, Security and Compliance

ALM Best Practices


Software Delivery / DevSecOps Policies


K8s Best Practices​​


Cloud Security, Compliance & Architecture Policies​

These out of the box capabilities enable Kaiburr to deliver Insights in Days as against Months with current approaches​

With just 15 minutes of configurations, Kaiburr provides predicable results on your software initiatives with 350+ KPIs and KRIs​


It is a NO BRAINER to use Kaiburr instead of home grown approaches as seen from these ROIs​


​Executive Summary

Portfolio Summary​


ALM Summary​


Sprint Summary


















Organization Trends​


Testing Summary



Org Risk Summary​



Application Risk Dashboard​



Architecture Best Practices


Security Testing Summary​



Security Testing Details​​