Kaiburr provides single pane for DevOps, DevSecOps and TestOps so product and software development teams can accelerate their product time to market, perform continuous delivery, perform fully automated product releases and reduce cloud costs by more than 30%.

How Kaiburr addresses common product delivery challenges?

How do I perform rapid product development?

Kaiburr helps accelerate product time to market by 30% since it helps automate the processes through the life cycle.

How do I perform software releases as often as I could?
Product teams can perform daily or weekly releases using Kaiburr’s Full Release Automation.
How do I reduce the manual errors in the release and deployment processes?
Product teams reduce errors in product releases by 80% using Kaiburr.
How do I spin up and down environments on a need basis?
Product managers and Engineering managers can spin up new demo, stage, UAT or QA environments in 2-5 minutes using Kaiburr.

How Kaiburr addresses these challenges?

How do I increase efficiency of the overall team? (Feature build out vs operational activities)
Engineering teams spend 80-90% of their time on new feature development and 10-20% on product releases and operations using Kaiburr.
How do I enable seamless deployment of my product across different customer
Product teams can deploy their products and perform upgrades on customer sites like on-premise, private cloud, public cloud (aws, azure, gcp, oracle, IBM) with the push of a button and manage all customer installations from one UI using Kaiburr.
How do I setup the right levels of security and compliance on my product?
Kaiburr enables automated proactive security and compliance controls (like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27k, NIST) to be setup on product environments.

Kaiburr facilities seamless, unified enablement of the end to end process

Kaiburr = Functions through industry standard tools

Functions through industry standard tools

Functions enabled by Kaiburr’s engines

Functions enabled by Kaiburr's engines

Maturity Model – Kaiburr helps Applications teams to get to higher levels of maturity

Application Maturity Maturity Level
Perform source code management 1
Perform build management 2
Setup for continuous integration 3
Perform config management 4
Perform log aggregation and management 4
Application enabled for continuous delivery / continuous deployment 5
Application setup for auto scale 5
Perform OS hardening on all your server instances 6
Perform automated proactive remediation on your OS vulnerabilities 6
Define and enforce security posture on your products / applications 6
Perform secrets management 6
Automate network components setup (software enabled) 7
Automate infrastructure components setup (software enabled) 7
Spin up and bring down new instances of your product / application any where (on-premise or any cloud) any time 7
Ability to monitor your security components in real time 8
Ability to perform real time monitoring of your application deployment 8
Detect any drift in your environment at infra, network, security or application level in real time 8
Get a holistic view of all software deployments across your BU and global footprint 8
Audit trail of your application deployments and all changes to your IT infrastructure 8
Right level of governance on your software deployments 8

Overall DevOps activities

66 hours of effort per deployment (without Kaiburr)

20 hours (with Kaiburr) — 46 hours of savings per deployment

400 avg. deployments per year for a mid-sized company

$920k cost savings per year

NEffort w/o Kaiburr in hours

NEffort w/ Kaiburr in hours

DevOps Value Proposition

Enabled for continuous integration and continuous delivery / deployment cloud operations Ability to spin up new application instances for QA, UAT and other environments thereby enabling parallel development.
Keep track of operational, security and compliance controls dashboard governance Configure approvers for various environments and tie the entire release process to appropriate approvals
Full audit log of all changes to the IT environment across infrastructure, network, security and application layers from dev to prod environment. auditing and monitoring Realtime monitoring of all the networks and server instances
This slide is 100% editable. Adapt it to your needs and capture your audience’s attention. drift detection OS hardened for various compliance rules like ISO27002, PCI DSS, NIST.
Use Kaiburr on any infrastructure provider using any combination of tools vendor neutral Use Kaiburr for Products built on any sets of technology stacks
Kaiburr enables seamless Process Automation with minimal disruption to current state of functioning adaptive and not disruptive Get to increasing levels of maturity