In today’s highly competitive and budget-constrained environment, engineering teams are forced to allocate most of their developer bandwidth to feature development. While organizations understand the need to shift security left by actively identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, this requires significant developer time and effort.

Security Leaders are caught in a stalemate and are constantly forced to prioritize and re-prioritize among thousands of open vulnerabilities to be remediated. While this mitigates the security risk to a certain extent there is still a significant risk exposure.

Kaiburr is the Magic Wand that Security and Engineering Leaders never had before.

With Kaiburr’s AI-powered Vulnerability Auto-Remediation capability, they no longer have to worry. Developer bandwidth can now be allocated to feature development while Kaiburr remediates vulnerabilities in real-time.

How Kaiburr does this?

Kaiburr –

  1. Monitors security scan results in real-time.
  2. Gathers vulnerabilities.
  3. Analyzes the remediation approaches.
  4. Identifies the optimal remediation path.
  5. Implements the remediation.
  6. Validates the remediation for build failures and functionality breaks.
  7. Requests for developer approval to promote the code changes.

Kaiburr uses Generative AI and other advanced capabilities to make this happen.

What are the business benefits?

CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other leaders can now ensure –

  1. Real-time identification and remediation of security risks introduced in the software supply chain.
  2. Cost savings in millions from developer effort reduction.
  3. Continuous Compliance with regulations.
  4. Competitive advantage by allocating developer bandwidth for feature delivery.

How Kaiburr does this? (in detail)

The details on every step involved with this end-to-end solution for vulnerability auto-remediation can be seen below. Kaiburr –

1. Monitors Security Scan results in Real Time.

Kaiburr monitors and consolidates real-time security scan results from various tools like Snyk, Veracode, Blackduck, PrismaCloud, AquaSec, and Xray.

2. Gathers Vulnerabilities

Kaiburr gathers and compiles vulnerabilities from various tools like Snyk, Veracode, and Twistlock etc.

3. Analyzes the Remediation Approaches

Kaiburr analyzes vulnerabilities and determines the appropriate remediation approach by identifying the package manager being used, such as Maven, Npm, Docker, etc.

4. Identifies the optimal Remediation Path

Kaiburr identifies the optimal remediation path by determining the most effective strategy, such as upgrading to major or minor versions, to address vulnerabilities efficiently. Teams can also configure their preferred strategy like –

  1. Minimal version with the fix for a successful build.
  2. The latest available version with the fix for a successful build.
  3. Version which is a minor upgrade with the fix for a successful build.

5. Implements the Remediation

Kaiburr then applies the remediation for all the vulnerabilities that have a fixed version and opens pull requests.

6. Validates the remediation for build failures and functionality breaks

Kaiburr initiates the pipeline build for the corresponding repository using the pull request source branch. In case of build failures, it analyzes the logs to pinpoint the upgrade responsible for the build issue and then downgrades the dependency to a version that resolves the build failure. It then creates another pull request that successfully passes the build.
Teams can configure their pipelines or scripts for unit, functional, or performance testing in Kaiburr, so Kaiburr can also validate if any of them are broken by the remediations performed.

7. Requests for developer approval to promote the code changes

Kaiburr essentially raises two pull requests for developers to review –

  1. One with all vulnerabilities fixed but failing the build.
  2. Another with vulnerabilities fixed to the extent where the build for the application is not broken.

Developers can now decide to proceed with either of the pull requests.

Kaiburr is helping Fortune 500 companies and US Federal Agencies to save millions by reducing security risk and improving developer productivity in this future mode of DevSecOps.

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