Engineering (Digital) Leaders today are striving for high performance teams. Frequent updates to the code repository is an important attribute of today’s high performing teams.

Commit frequency

Commit Frequency is the number of code commits during a day or a week by a developer on Source Control Management (SCM) tools like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket etc., When Commit Frequency is high, teams are highly productive, continuously merging code into the main branch and might be in active phases of product feature development and delivery. The frequency is less if the team isnโ€™t in the implementation phase and are primarily in maintenance mode. The frequency is also less, if the team is up against some challenges. If the size of the code is large, the frequency of code commits is less. For better early visibility and sharing code with other team members and other teams early on, to limit their waiting time on code dependency, it is a good practice to commit in small chunks often and as early as possible. Daily commits, often multiple commits in a day, is a good engineering practice.ย 

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Commit frequency

Frequent Commits are highly favorable and valuable for the following reasons :

  • Frequent small commits encourages team-work, promotes collaboration and builds trust among the team. It involves the whole team and thrives on DevOps culture.
  • It helps to produce better quality software.
  • It helps the team to be stress-free, avoid burn-outs, have a sense of achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction frequently. Similar to how little drops of water make a mighty ocean, the iterative implementation of features and committing code in chunks helps the team to build even a complex product effectively.
  • It helps the team to be vibrant.ย  Engaged employees encourage each other and produce better software and ultimately better, organizational outcomes.
  • It reduces the risk of big failure. With small chunks of frequent code being merged, deployed which is a continuous integration practice, it is easier for the team to quickly rollback to their earlier stable version in case any new code changes, breaks a feature or the application. โฃThe mean time to restore the system is low.
  • Frequent small and daily commits helps to deliver Business Value faster (reduced time to market) and helps to keep the Business Users locked-in, engaged and also, it helps to get theirย  feedback early for Continuous Improvement of the Product, Teams and their Culture.
  • Frequent commits helps to score high on Deployment Frequency which is a good measure of effective elite teams.

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Kaiburr connects to over 70 tools like jira, jenkins, azure devops, github, sonarqbe, test rail, veracode and servicenow. Once connected it provides a single pane showing gaps and bottlenecks in engineering processes using 350+ KPIs and 600+ best practices. This allows teams to be on the cutting edge of modern software delivery practices like agile, gitops, shift left on testing and security, k8s, PRs / commits, deployments, compliance. Kaiburr also auto-remediate gaps identified to improve productivity.

The following screenshot shows some of the important insights on commit frequency that engineering teams can track and improve –

Commit Frequency
Commit Frequency

The following screenshot shows some of the industry standard KPIs enabled by Kaiburr for Engineering teams –

The following screenshot shows how Engineering teams get near real time visibility on every stage of their software delivery so they do not let any critical item fall through the cracks for any of their releases –

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