BetrSpot is a company that is all set to disrupt the consumer market like Uber and Airbnb did. BetrSpot’s platform helps you crowdsource and incentivize turnover of physical first-come, first-served spaces like seats, tables and barstools in overly crowded environments like bars, cafes and breweries.

BetrSpot is a new customer of Kaiburr. BetrSpot uses Kaiburr for the following purposes –

1. End to end DevOps

2. Deployment automation (Good read on CI)

3. Cloud simplification and cost optimization

4. Security posture

5. Product scale enablement

BetrSpot achieved the following benefits within a few weeks of using Kaiburr –

1. 55% cost savings on cloud expenditure.

2. Enhanced security.

3. Ability to scale with increasing customer volume.

4. Ability to spin up new product instances on demand.

5. Visibility into current state of the IT operations.

6. Zero script IT operations (find out more here).

This is what BetrSpot’s CEO Drew Rollert had to say about Kaiburr –

“Harry and the team from Kaiburr went above and beyond our expectations. Our Amazon bills were killing BetrSpot & digging into our badly needed marketing capital. We were at the end of our rope. For real. Then I met Harry. And wow did things shift quickly.

Our cloud bills have shrunk considerably, at least 55% or more since we began working with Kaiburr. Our security capacities and scalability have both increased dramatically as well. Kaiburr has been a godsend. We highly recommend the team and solutions from Kaiburr. If Kaiburr does for you what he did for us, you’ll be walking on a cloud every time you open that Amazon invoice.”

Do you want to accelerate your product time to market?

Do you want to save 50% or more on your cloud expenditure?

Do you want your team to focus on feature development and not worry about cloud services and related operations?

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