Kaiburr had invested heavily in developing an AI engine to help teams enhance their productivity, use of Tools, DevSecOps, Best practices and KPIs right from Understanding Customer requirements, Design, Development, Testing and all the way to deployment, release of high quality software. Just if we look at testing the Software, it cuts costs drastically by more efficiently finding flaws. Catching flaws in the software before it is released into the market brings down the cost of fixing flaws quite heavily. In Spite of the sophisticated tools we have now, to catch flaws early on in the development, the cost of testing is roughly 40%, the cost of Software development. Flaws in Software still costs the US economy some $59.51Billions annually. Kaiburr’s AI engine is so well trained that it catches flaws quite efficiently and measured by the testing metric ‘Defect Density’, its score is always high. 

Defect Density is measured as the number of flaws or defects measured per few Lines of code or the Function points or Story points. 

Kaiburr uses its AI/ML insights of Agile Product Life Cycle management data to detect trends and flaws in real time. On project X, where Kaiburr was showing real-time insights, there was a sudden spike in defects when there was a change in work allocations to the team members. It showed a raise in defect density to 250%. 

On a real-time basis, Kaiburr’s AIlops engine calculates the metric ‘Defect Density’ and showcases as shown below for Leaders and Managers to make better informed decisions on their Product development. It gives even the root cause Analysis of the Defect Density.

Kaiburr helps software teams to measure and benchmark themselves on 350+ KPIs and 600+ Best Practices so they can continuously improve every day.

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