Kaiburr provides a unified framework for IoT DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps and helps to streamline the IoT application development lifecycle from device updates, simulation, continuous delivery to monitoring.

Current Challenges with IoT development


  • Automated Integrated Testing is difficult
  • IoT releases are big bang and not iterative
  • Over the air deployment is a challenge
  • DevOps process is not unified across device, mobile app and cloud (base) app
  • Lack of agility in IoT development
  • Delays in time to market
  • Less focus on core business needs and more effort spent on plumbing and release processes
  • No visibility on the current state across the board

How Kaiburr & Apiotics address these challenges?

  • Unified platform for IoT (DevOps), deployment and releases
  • Seamless integration across device, mobile app and cloud (base) app deployment and release process
  • Framework for continuous integration & testing
  • Inline Image Updates on the devices
  • Runtime for Containers to run IoT apps on devices
  • Easy Integration with Manufacturing
  • IoT engineering team focuses on core design and development

Seamless, unified enablement of the end to end IoT DevOps process

devops process diagram
Cost Control
Reduction of implementation & maintenance costs
Quicker go to market and customer satisfaction
Holistic view of software deployments
Track metrics and KPIs in realtime
Reduced number of errors due to unsuccessful software releases