Get a Unified View of end to end software delivery

Identify opportunities for improvement on specific pillars like this KPI on Velocity

Mean Time to Change

Or this KPI on Quality

Defect Density

Or these KPIs on Productivity

Average Duration to close PRs

Average Number of Active PRs

Or these KRIs on Security

Our customers achieve Millions of $ in annual savings by improving velocity, productivity, quality, security and compliance for their product and engineering teams.

With just 15 minutes of configurations, Kaiburr connects to 70+ Enterprise Tools and 200+ Cloud Services used for end to end software product delivery

And produces actionable insights to achieve tangible business benefits worth Millions

Views produced for various Persona with drill down at organization, portfolio, product and team level using 350+ KPIs and KRIs

600+ Best Practices validated on Agile, Commits / PR, Quality Engg., Branching, CI-CD, Security and Releases

Deeply Engineered AI/ML driven AllOps Platform makes this possible

Throughput is the number of stories (requirements) delivered over a period of time. Throughput is an important KPI to track and improve the productivity and feature velocity of product teams.

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