Cloud Adoption

Kaiburr automates full lifecycle of cloud migrations from discovery, replication, cloud orchestration to the validation and testing of applications. Organizations save 30% on cloud migration costs, achieve 40% acceleration on migration schedule and reduce errors by 80% using Kaiburr’s cutting edge Cloud Migration Service.

Plenty of challenges with Cloud Migrations

  • Considerable cost spent on migrations
  • Prolonged time for migration
  • Most of the migration activities are manual leading to issues and rework
  • Enterprise grade security and compliance controls is a challenge
  • Steep learning curve on cloud services
  • Hard to track migration performance metrics
  • No holistic view of all migrated applications
  • Ongoing operations post migration is not effective from day one

Organizations are equipped to face all migration challenges using Kaiburr’s Cloud Migration Service

  • Kaiburr’s Cloud Migration Service enables automation of cloud migrations
  • Available on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (GCP) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Ability to track migration performance metrics
  • Holistic view of all migrated resources
  • In built governance for handshaking and approvals
  • Ability to define and enforce security and compliance controls
  • Configure and schedule health checks

Primary Cloud Adoption Goals for most organizations. Kaiburr accelerates these business benefits.

  • Reduce CapEx by moving to OpEx

    The “pay as you go” operational expenditure (OpEx) model based on demand, will help reduce capital expenditure (CapEx) on hardware and software licenses.

  • Gain access to advanced capabilities

    The “pay as you go” operational expenditure (OpEx) model based on demand, will help reduce capital expenditure (CapEx) on hardware and software licenses.

  • Scalability

    Ability to scale with little to no limitation on resources with increasing demand.

  • Agility

    Ability to react to changing business needs

  • Increased Collaboration

    Cloud services foster better collaboration between team members.

Why public cloud - continuous testing

Overall Cloud Migration Process enabled by Kaiburr

Overall Cloud Migration Process

All four migration strategies are enabled seamlessly using Kaiburr

Migration strategies

90% automation enabled by Kaiburr. Best in the industry!!!

automation 8 Tasks
5 Tasks 80 tasks (avg.) per node
19 Tasks 72 tasks automated by Kaiburr
7 Tasks 8 manual tasks
10 Tasks 90% automation
16 Tasks 63 man hours of efficiency gain
15 Tasks

Kaiburr vs Competitors

Feature Competitors Kaiburr
VM Replication Yes Yes
Network Setup Some Yes
Drift Detection No Yes
Security Posture No Yes
Industry Standard Compliance No Yes
Prebuilt Templates No Yes
Application Refactoring No Yes
Application Replatforming Some Yes
Automated Validation & Testing No Yes
Dashboard for Metrics & KPIs Some Yes

Business Benefits of Cloud Migration using Kaiburr

Cost Savings
Save 30% or more on migration costs
Expedited time to market by 40% or more
Visibility, Security and Compliance
Track metrics and KPIs in realtime
Operational, Security and Compliance controls
80% reduction in manual errors